Blue Shoes

“Blue Shoes”

Day 13 – Happy Birthday, G!!! – “Blue shoes I bought from a mobile home/shop on the outskirts of the dusty old olive groves.”  10 points to the reader who can guess where these old olive groves are located.

Pen and colored pencil on paper.

We Have Much to Discuss

“We Have Much to Discuss”

Day 10 – My sweet sister-in-law gave me a boat load of art supplies yesterday so today I tried new paper and added some colored pencil.  My sweet brother-in-law gave me a Fuddrucker’s gift card addressed to “Hamburger Head Hillary” but that’s another story.

Pen, colored pencil, and paper.

Genius Hair

“Genius Hair”

Day 7 – Years ago, a friend of mine gave herself a dramatic and awesome haircut that went from shoulder-length hair to a sort of 1800’s man’s hair-style that looked good no matter what she did to it.  On the days that it stood straight up we called it “genius hair.”  I’m a firm believer that the higher the hair, the closer to heaven, so genius hair is always a happy surprise.

Pen, colored pencil, and paper.



Day 6 – It’s raining here in So. Cal. and the rain always makes me want to cozy up and hide out.  Today’s drawing is a compilation of many things cozy: cabin life, an inviting kitchen, a sleeping dog, and the feeling of looking through a window into a warmly lit room.  Yes, reader, I have a touch of voyeurism but it’s the charming Jimmy-Stewart-in-Rear-Window kind. I think.

Pen and paper.


Crock Pot Beaver


Day 5 – Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this to come to mind as I stumbled through the dark house wondering what to draw yesterday.  But there it was, so I went with it.  My daughter, M, helped me draw the tail and her line work impressed me.

In case you are wondering, that’s a sprig of rosemary tucked behind our friend’s ear.

Pen and paper.