About me.


I’m the lucky mama of twin four-year-old daughters R & M.  Having kids is the hardest thing I love; I’m constantly working at it.  After R & M were born and I was trying to get a handle on this whole parenting thing I visited lots of blogs because it was impossible to leave the house.  We were terrified of the girls contracting RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) during flu season; many of the NICU nurses had approached us individually to warn us of the dangers of exposing the girls to RSV so no unwashed hands touched the girls within their first year of life and we rarely mingled in public places.  Sound crazy? The nurses SCARED us!  I digress.  When I read those blogs on parenting, the mamas seemed so different from how I felt.  They looked put together, sounded peppy and optimistic, posted beautiful pictures of their kids, wrote about how their toddlers looooved the garlic-egg-zucchini dish they whipped up with leftovers and then somehow had the presence of mind to detail it all in their adorable blogs.

I couldn’t take it.  I was at home, unwashed, sleep-deprived, confused and anxious.  I was trying to adjust to life at home caring for babies, breast feeding, living in a post-pregnancy body and navigating marriage to a man who was suddenly growing into his role as a new father.  It was difficult for both of us.

That’s what inspired this blog. I wanted to see more of the picture.  Here’s mine.

10 thoughts on “About me.

  1. I love your bio page. I am embodying that second paragraph currently. I am unwashed as I write this. I look forward to reading the many adventures of M and R and Von P! You are awesome!!!

  2. Wow! I hear ya on this right now. My 5 month old doesn’t take a bottle and this week I am reaching my limit on stress. I am exhausted, crabby and probably stinky too. Thanks for joining the discussion on WMB- happy to have you in the mix!

    • I was reading “Why Don’t White People Talk About Race?” when you left this comment and your post has given me more food for thought. Thank you for visiting! I am excited to begin to read and dialogue with others on WMB. I hope some solid rest is in your near future!

  3. YES. We need more of the picture. I swear that if we were to tilt the camera to the left a little on those mommy blogger’s photos, we’d see a giant elephant in the corner pooping.

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