Dead Poppies Aren’t Much Fun…


I hesitated to share an update about our four poppy plants. Though my aim is to keep it real here on Humble Pie, I just couldn’t bring myself to show you the four little sun-baked poppy plant skeletons after espousing my great love for them. Watch out for Hillary, her love kills!!
I kind of expected Mr. Cartigan to transplant them because he’s the gardener and I’m guessing he thought I’d do it, since I’m the poppy-crazed one. See how good our communication is? I promise we do feed and water the kids regularly.
Mr. Cartigan kept those little poppy skeletons around, though I couldn’t figure out why and yesterday I was watering plants and noticed this:

and this:


Hurrah! The poppies are making a comeback!!!
So now that two are revived I am heartened enough to say, my love only half-kills and it is possible to survive it.

2 thoughts on “Dead Poppies Aren’t Much Fun…

  1. I share your gardening fate, my dear! This year I actually managed to kill two succulents. Even I was surprised at the blackness of my thumb! Glad to see your poppies are making a comeback!

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