Clucking It Up!

The girls explore their new digs.
The girls explore their new digs.

Our neighbors recently announced that they had chickens on the way.  We’d all been talking about the possibility of chickens, building chicken coops together, getting all sustainable in the suburbs, yadda yadda, when suddenly, there were seven full-grown chickens living in their back yard!  Now we get to run out and throw our kitchen scraps over to them.  It’s way fun.  Yesterday we awoke to a rainstorm and the girls (my girls, not the chickens) ran out in pajamas and galoshes to see how the chickens fared in the downpour.  M & R reported the girls (the chickens, not my girls) were huddled together in their nests, keeping dry.

M & R meet the chickens.
M & R meet the girls.

The children next door have named the chickens Hermie, Claire, Dan, Dave, Chuckles, Molly, and my favorite, Bock Bock.

more exploring.
Chuckles, Hermie, Molly, and Bock Bock.

Fresh eggs! The screws and bamboo are not from the chickens.


Rumor has it that little chicks may come our way soon…

2 thoughts on “Clucking It Up!

  1. That is so awesome! I’ve often wished we could do the same, but it is not to be in our urban apartment. My aunt used to raise them, though, and she loved it. There was always a place to put the vegetable scraps and little bits of leftover dinner! So glad your girls are enjoying them, and hope you can get your own soon!

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