Mermaid Poop

“Mama, I had a mermaid poop!” M called from the bathroom.

“A mermaid poop?” asked I, from the kitchen.

“I think she said ‘a runny poop’.” came Mr. Cartigan’s voice from the bedroom.

“No!” said M, “a MERMAID POOP!”

By then I was in the bathroom checking it out.  And she was right.  Her poop looked like a mermaid; a beautiful, peaceful, long-haired, fish-tailed mermaid.  Made of poop.  I had to ask myself repeatedly whether I should take a picture or not.  I didn’t but I probably should have.  Instead, we flushed it to the ocean, a la Finding Nemo.

“How did you do that?” I asked M.

“There are fairies inside me.”

I wouldn’t be surprised.

3 thoughts on “Mermaid Poop

  1. That is hilarious! Kids have the most beautiful imaginations! In one of my favorite Nabokov novels, the narrator turns a blob of dog poop in the park into something truly aesthetically beautiful with his words. I love that you found the same!

    • I love that you can casually drop a Nabokov reference into a conversation about kids and poop. That is a superpower I wish I had! What is the Nabokov novel? I feel compelled to check it out…

      • Ah, Nabokov is always on the brain! The novel is called The Gift, and it’s set in Berlin and loosely based on the years when Nabokov and his wife lived there as emigres. It’s the whole reason why I studied German in Berlin: I went there to chase his ghost! 🙂

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