Mend & Make Do.

Well loved shoes.
Well loved shoes.

R needed some dress shoes to wear and these pink ones have seen better days.  As I whisked them out of her room, R reminded me to use “lots of glitter…  LOTS of glitter!”


Spot painted with acrylic paint and outlined the rose with craft glue.  Sprinkled some glitter on the glue and viola!


For the record, the amount of glitter I applied is nowhere near R’s definition of “LOTS.”  I blame this on myself.  The gold glitter BOB’S I wear (Read TOM’S knockoff – they give 2 pairs of shoes for every pair purchased!) have got her in a glitter frenzy and I’m going to have to glitter every bald patch on these slippers to get her approval.  I’m thinking that may not happen.

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