Dress up.

Princesses have never looked this good.
Princesses have never looked this good.

Although their bedroom floor is often layered with dresses, scarves, Groucho Marx glasses, and plastic tiaras that hurt like a mother when you accidentally step on them, it’s worth it to see the ensembles the girls come up with.  I love their creativity with clothes and accessories.

M's self-styled creation.
M’s self-styled creation.
R dressed herself for preschool.
R dressed herself for preschool.

That sparkly tulle skirt has been in high demand lately.

Princess dresses are especially popular in our house but the girls also like to play fire fighter and doctor.

Christmas Day
Christmas Day

And they’re not afraid to be strong willed ladies:

Princess Maggie.  She's tough.
Princess M. She’s tough.

And check out their design portfolio: Moustached ladies! Bejeweled gents! Fabric printed with pics of our dog!




Though our dog’s likeness is used to dress up others, Dora herself has never been a target of their creativity.  Lucky dog.

I, on the other hand, am fair game.

Photo by M.
Ensemble by R & M.  Photo by M.

There’s another crinoline-type skirt at the bottom of the ensemble I’m modeling above but I was afraid the internet wouldn’t be able to handle all that fabulousness.  I could hardly handle it myself.

The girls proudly showed me this costume a few days ago at school.  The whole class was invited to help make it:

The collectively created robot.
The class robot.

R pointed to the pink and brown pipe cleaners she had attached and M showed me the googly eyes she’d glued on.

Today, M wore blue shorts with a green and white striped top.  It was a nice combo.  Then she layered a pale pink leotard with a filmy pink skirt on top.  The whole thing really showed off the 7 temporary tattoos she had me adhere to each arm last night.   It was like a cute little rock ‘n’ roller slipped into her ballet outfit while still wearing the clothes from the day before.  Sweet.

Then we went to the library.


P.S.  A couple more of their designs.  I couldn’t resist.





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