St. Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day.

I understand this is a holiday promoted by card and candy companies in an attempt to increase sales blah blah blah.  You know what? I will happily spend my pennies on doilies and paste and glitter and pink, red, and white candy and heart-shaped everything! Hearts cut out of newspaper and strung together! Construction paper! Little gifts in pretty paper and an excuse to give them to everyone you know!!!

M & R have been decorating Valentines for their grandparents and uncle since they were itty bitty and this year we’ve made cards for all of their classmates.  Last year, two of their friends made heart-shaped soaps for them.  Adorable  and brilliantly practical for pre-schoolers, I must say.  Inspired by that, we decided to make some heart-shaped crayons. (They’re not anti-bacterial but they are cute.)

We started by culling through their crayon collection for extra reds, pinks, and whites and quickly realized we’d need to add some other colors if we were going to make enough for their class.  Target has Roseart  24 count crayon packs for around $.50.  I used two packs.  I threw in half of a silver crayon too.


M & R helped me peel off the wrappers, alternately arguing over who was doing a better job and asserting that it was not a contest.  I had to smile as I quietly listened to them negotiate that one.

I chopped the crayons into roughly 1/2″ segments while keeping an eye out for little fingers sneaking towards the crayon bits.


After the butcher knife was safely away, the little fingers were allowed to pile the crayons into our silicone mold.


They were fast workers!


Then into the oven they went at 200 degrees for about 12 minutes.


After they’d cooled I put them back into the oven for a minute because it was easier to pop the crayons out of a slightly warmed mold.

I was less precise with the second batch.  Poor second batch.  Sometimes I’m so relieved we have twins.  I’d surely be less careful with a second born, having gained some confidence with the first.

We filled the silicone with more crayon bits for the second batch because the wax melted down more than we’d expected.  I also used cooking spray on the mold for the second batch.  I didn’t find it to be particularly helpful.


And by the time these had baked and cooled we’d run into dinner time and reading time and everything gathers at our dining room table.  Thus my underwhelming after picture.  What can I say? That’s how it really looks most of the time.  And yes, I took this photo with my iPhone.  It’s real life people.  (And I take all my pictures with my iPhone.)


There were some intimidating looking wax stains on the silicone mold, so I popped it back in the warm oven to loosen things up before washing it.

That’s where Mr. Cartigan found it two days later when he tried to broil salmon.  Surprise! It looked like this:


The good news? Melted silicon is super easy to clean off of an oven rack!

4 thoughts on “St. Valentine’s Day

  1. oh my goodness I am in love with your blog. I love the “final product” picture and the melted silicone– this is so refreshing after looking at so many photoshopped mommy-blogs!! I always try to “crop out” the messy countertops or crap that is littered across the floor, because I, too, am taking cell phone pictures and cannot be bothered to spend an extra 20 minutes cleaning up just for one blog photo!

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