Honey Lollies


The cold that M & R are slowly recovering from keeps them coughing throughout the day so we decided to make these honey lollies I’d seen on The Chick n’ Coop.  They’re simple to make and are helpful alternatives to cough drops.  I like that they are pure honey.

Truth be told, this was my second attempt at the lollies.  The first attempt culminated in someone messily scraping all the honey off the silpat and returning it to the stove top because it hadn’t cooked long enough to harden properly.

Oh fine, you know it was me.

The second try took.  The girls termed my amorphous lollie blobs “hilarious!” and wanted to eat them first.


I made honey drops with the extra honey and they were my favorite.

M & R are great kitchen helpers and were especially excited to be involved in our first candy making experiment.  I kept them clear of the hot pot of honey but they helped lay out the lollipop sticks.


They declared the lollies to be delicious, as is anything made with sweet, sweet honey.

We even delivered a few to M & R’s good friend who also has the lingering cold.

I’m filing this recipe away to make for myself the next time I have a cold.  Honey and lemon and… rum?  That sounds like a good grown up lollipop!

8 thoughts on “Honey Lollies

  1. I love the amorphous ones too! This reminds me of the time my husband and I tried to make Christmas cookies…without cookie cutters. We tried cutting out shapes with a knife, but it got so tedious that we decided random jagged shapes were fine with us. Ha! I am so glad to have found your blog–so bright and beautiful and full of hilarity! 🙂

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