Late one night a couple of months ago, using what I can only call very impaired judgement, I started looking at dogs on Pet finder and sending links to Mr. Cartigan.  Since then, we’ve been looking for a dog Mr. Cartigan can call his own.  Our dog, Dora, has been with us for 8 years.  After we brought her home, Danny discovered how smart she is, and he house broke and trained her to be a well-mannered girl.  Mr. Cartigan loves bigger sheep dogs, so that’s what we’ve been looking for.  Today we met Cody, an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler/Lab mix.

IMG_7527 Dora on her way to meet Cody.

Heather volunteers with the dog adoption agency Forte.  She kindly offered to bring Cody out to meet with us today.  Initially we’d shared an interest in a different dog but it didn’t feel like the right fit.  After meeting us, Heather felt that Cody might be a good match so we all got together for a meet-and-greet.


M & R meeting Cody.

Cody was a love to the ladies.  Sadly, her ability to connect with Mr. Cartigan was challenged by what seemed like a fear of men.  Though Mr. Cartigan spent time walking and talking and petting Cody, Cody kept his tail between his legs the whole time.  With the girls, on the other hand, Cody was a sweetheart and he was happiest when they were loving on him.


Right now, Cody is kept outside in a backyard and his owners have indicated that they will not be able to keep him much longer.  We would love to help Cody find a family that will love on him and treat him right so that his tail will wag!


If you would like to meet Cody, you can learn more about him and be in touch with Forte, here.

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