Days 27-29

The Fonz meets steampunk.

Day 27 – Does this skeleton remind anyone else of Henry Winkler?  I couldn’t help but think of him as I worked on it.  I think this is one of my favorite skeletons because it looks the friendliest.  Pen on colored pencil.


Day 28 – I forayed into the land of arteries.  I love arteries.

“Deep drinks the warrior’s soul.”

My Brother-in-law has been following my sketches and sent me a link to a poem I did not know, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “The Skeleton in Armor.”  It’s a great tale of old with some beautiful lines about death.  If you’d like to read it, it’s here.  Thanks, Pat!

Pen and colored pencil.

Day 29 – No longer are my skeleton sketches only of humans!

humans + chickens

So, this got complicated because bones on top of bones represented with little dotted lines turns out to be…  a big bunch of little dots.  Also, look how lumpy the skull is!  Maybe it got hit on the head by a viking.

Pen on colored pencil.


Days 23 – 26

This week included some fun creative projects outside of my sketchbook.  Day 24’s creative piece was a performance at the Ventura County Reproductive Rights Network Conference.  You can see a pic of it here.

Day 23 – Back to skeletons.  Pen over colored pencil.


Day 24 – Playback performance for the Ventura County Reproductive Rights Network and this:

Breakfast art

Day 25 – More skeletons.

Diner sketch

Day 26 – More work on the diner sketch.

With armor

Pen over colored pencil.

Days 21 + 22

After the fun I had creating “Armor” I started to work on a more anatomically correct person/skeleton.  That was the work of day 21:

IMG_8593 (1)
Day 21 – A more realistic skeleton.

And then created the body, face, heart glow and armor.

FullSizeRender (1)
Day 22.

I am happy with the results and also happy that I have so much to learn and explore with this subject.


Anybody’s and Oliver’s

Day 18 – I made two pieces and ended up feeling both pleased and disappointed with both of them.  The first sketch was inspired by a line in West Side Story.  One of the Jets tells Anybody’s something to the effect of “Why don’t you go put on a skirt?” and she says “Scabby knees.”  Pen on Paper.

“Scabby Knees”

My disappointment with Anybody’s’ portrait (that is a punctuation conundrum) led to a second drawing, a neon sign and menu for the imaginary Dickensian eating establishment “Oliver! The Restaurant” –  wouldn’t you love to have Ron Moody’s Fagin as both server and cook?  I would, my dears.

“Oliver! The Restaurant”

Pen (including gel pens) on paper.